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We fix bikes (like, really fix bikes)

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When it comes to a custom road or tri bike, there are 3 characteristics that  set itself head and shoulders above production offerings.  Fit, tuning and finish.  The more you ride or want to ride, the more important these aspects become.  The custom process allows for rider strengths to be enhanced and weakness minimized or eliminated before the purchase of a bike.  Think of the process as a blank canvas.  Before the first brush stroke is applied, there is plenty of useful information identified in order to know where and how to start.  

With today's production bike prices reaching stratospheric levels, custom provides an even more compelling choice.  It used to be the exclusive domain of the high price bike where custom reigned.  Today, custom offerings can be found at most price points.  Why pay for extra and get less with production bikes?

There are 6 factors that create the recipe for a custom bike; Fit, tuning, geometry, ride quality, weight and  finish.  Each of these factors can be manipulated to create a bike that is uniquely tailored for you.

I have worked with Guru Cycles for close to a decade.  Year after year, I have been partnered with a company that understands what custom means.  Quality, attention to detail and avant garde ideas place Guru in a league of their own.  

Here's a quick video of the most advanced fit tool today- the Guru DFU.  I cant imagine using any other fit system.