Road Worx

We fix bikes (like, really fix bikes)



Did you know that roughly 22 million businesses in the U.S. are a one person operation?  Well, I'm one of those 22 million.  I started Road Worx close to 10 years ago in New York before moving to Boulder in 2012. In that time, I've worked with aspiring first time charity riders to world class ultra distance cyclists.  As diverse as those riders may be, the one common thread, when working with them, has been my desire to enhance their ambitions and reach their goals.  

My cycling and multi-sport credentials include:

  • USA Cycling Race Mechanic
  • Former Campagnolo Neutral Support Technician
  • Campagnolo Pro Shop
  • Campagnolo EPS Certified
  • Shimano Di2 Certified
  • DT Swiss Certified Wheel builder
  • Shimano S-T.E.C. Certified
  • Barnett Bicycle Institute Graduate
  • SRAM Technical University Graduate
  • Serotta/SICI Advanced Fit Graduate
  • Serotta/SICI Triathlon Fit Graduate
  • F.I.S.T Certified

My reputation has been earned from many years of passion and dedication to the craft of caring for your bicycle. At Road Worx, my dedication to always staying on the cutting edge of service techniques borders on obsession as I constantly strive for perfection.