Road Worx

We fix bikes (like, really fix bikes)



Road Worx applies a holistic approach to cycling. Your cycling performance is not determined by fit alone. Your bike needs to be in the best possible working order it can be so it is safe, efficient, and comfortable. We pride ourselves on providing superior mechanical services that are necessary to truly enjoy riding a bicycle. From wheel truing to complete overhauls, we can service whatever your bike needs.

Our extensive knowledge of cycling components helps you choose what is best for you. Components need to be evaluated for a variety of factors that may or may not be suitable for your needs. As a result, we take the time to evaluate every bike and discuss the levels of service and options available depending on your needs and budget.

Triathlon Bike Service

Pro Level 1 Tune and Clean                                                   

  • Wheel truing.

  • Precision bearing adjustment.

  • Brake caliper and cable/housing lubrication.

  • Shifting adjustments.

  • Brake adjustments.

  • Shift cable/housing lubrication.

  • Derailleur hanger alignment.

  • Chain lubrication.

  • Inspection of entire system for wear/damage.

  • Complete bike clean and wipe down.

  • All fasteners are torqued to industry specification.


Pro Level 2 Comprehensive Tune and Clean


  • All points of Pro Level 1 Service.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of drive train and all applicable bearings.

  • Precision truing of wheels.

  • Removal of components for internal cleaning of frame.

  • Shimano electronic diagnostic (if applicable).

  • Complete and thorough clean and polish.